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Q&A • About ANFP's New Name

(Note: in June 2011, the membership of the Dietary Managers Association voted to approve a bylaws proposal changing the name of the organization to the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals.  This Q&A provides background information about why the name was changed and what our members can expect as we move forward with the transition.)

Why did DMA change its name?
Over the last two years, DMA had been in the process of reviewing and updating its long-term strategic plan and brand identity. As a part of this process, DMA created a strategic planning task force, which conducted research and analysis to determine the effectiveness and impact of its brand – including a review of its name, logo and various communications materials, such as its website and membership materials.  

After a thorough review, the strategic planning task force recommended that DMA consider an overhaul of its brand identity, including a new name and logo.

Why did you choose the name, Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals?
Research results from our brand-identity review indicated that the name “Dietary Managers Association” is outdated and doesn’t accurately reflect the growing professional responsibilities of DMA’s members. The term “foodservice” has become more commonly used than “dietary” in work settings, and many of our members now work in nutrition services or foodservice departments.

Additionally, our former brand identity didn’t accurately convey the scope of training many members receive as a part of the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) credentialing program. This educational program combines training in both nutrition and foodservice, and the work many of our members do on a day-to-day basis requires knowledge and skills in both of these key areas.

Finally, a key component of our recently adopted strategic plan is a new emphasis on promoting professionalism and excellence in career development. That’s what members tell us they want.

Our new name, the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals, incorporates all of these important elements.

What process was used to determine what the new name should be?
Our research into the future strategic direction and brand identity for DMA took a year and a half. Each stage of the process included participation from a variety of stakeholders, including individuals with CDM certification, administrators, registered dietitians, school program directors and corporate partners, to name a few.  Tools used to glean input, feedback and ideas included surveys, focus groups, stakeholder interviews and environmental research.

After gauging response to options for a new name in focus groups and in test surveys, the proposed new name was shared in June 2011 with members, who voted to adopt it.

So now I should begin referring to myself as a member of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals?
That’s correct: DMA members should now refer to themselves as members of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals – or ANFP.  

How will the new name affect me and my membership? Do I need to do anything differently?
No, you don’t need to do anything differently.  Our basic processes are all in place, including dues-billing and other routine membership-related transactions; nothing has been changed in these operational activities.

We will provide periodic updates this year via our online eNews and other communications channels about new programs and other updates of interest to our members as they are launched. During the regular dues renewal cycle in 2012, members will receive an updated membership card, reflecting our new logo and name. Members with questions shouldn’t hesitate to call 800-323-1908 to speak with us directly.

In the long-term, we anticipate that the impact of our new name on members and their careers will be very beneficial. As a part of our new strategic plan, we will be more proactively promoting the value that ANFP members bring to employers, administrators, vendors and other audiences.

And, of course, our new name reflects an exciting new future in terms of the resources members will have available to them – we are already planning on enhancements to the products and services members receive from us to make the ANFP experience more rewarding and fulfilling than ever.  There will be new educational opportunities, advanced training and much more, all of which will be communicated in coming months.

How will the new brand name affect the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) program?
The basic educational requirements and process for acquiring the CDM designation will not change as a result of our transition to a new name.

Will the name of the program -- Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) – change?
Not in the short-term. But we do recognize that some change may be necessary in the long-term in order to align our certification program with our new name. A task force is looking into this question and will make recommendations later this year.  Members will have plenty of advance notice before we make any changes to the CDM program.

Is my CDM certificate affected in any way by this?
Not at all; your CDM certificate remains intact as is.

What’s the impact of this name change on the relationship between Registered Dietitians (RD) and Certified Dietary Managers (CDM)?
Our new name does not signal any change in our position on the working relationship or scope of duties that currently exists between RDs and CDMs. In facilities in which they work together, RDs and CDMs operate in close partnership to provide optimum nutrition for the individuals they serve – from patients in nursing homes to students. That partnership will continue under our new name.

The difference in training and expertise between RDs and CDMs is well established; each has a well-defined role to play.

RDs have been highly valued partners in helping ANFP develop continuing education resources, and we have historically taken steps to ensure that our educational programs deliver content that is well coordinated with needs of the RDs.  We are committed to continuing that model, and ensuring that CDMs are fully aligned with the needs of the RD community. 

Our new name simply better conveys the work that our members do. The inclusion of the key terms “nutrition” and “foodservice” more accurately describes the training, background and professional practice of CDMs, who bring a unique combination of nutrition and foodservice training to the workplace. The work of our members continues to be “providing optimum nutrition care through foodservice management. “

Will the membership categories change as a part of our new brand?
Yes. Here are the new member categories.

  • Professional. For individuals who have graduated from an ANFP-approved training program and/or have passed our certification exam.
  • Allied Professional. For individuals with a two-year, four-year or advanced degree in foodservice, culinary arts, health care or a related field; completion of a 90-hour, state approved dietary manager course, or at least three years of verifiable supervisory experience in nutrition and foodservice. 
  • Pre-Professional. For individuals with one year of experience in nutrition and foodservice or students enrolled in a comprehensive foodservice management training program.
  • Corporate Partner. For companies that serve the nutrition and foodservice industry.

Will this change in membership categories affect the cost of membership?
Our membership prices will be slightly adjusted in June 2012; this is a step we take periodically, and is not related to our name change. For pricing, visit our website at

Does this change affect the DMA’s Foundation?
Yes. The organization formerly known as the DMA Foundation is also being re-launched with a new name and identity, which will be announced in early 2012. We are planning exciting new enhancements to make the Foundation more impactful than ever before.

How about our magazine? I heard its name is being changed.
That is correct. With the removal of “Dietary Manager” from our organizational name, we made the decision to remove it from the name of our magazine as well. The new magazine title will be announced in early 2012. Along with a new name, the magazine has been redesigned and will have a new look and feel.

What about my Chapter affiliation? Is that affected by this?
No. The chapters are updating their names to include “ANFP,” but no other changes are planned.