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Responsible for exploring methods of marketing the National Leadership Conference and Expo to potential attendees, along with enhancing networking opportunities between CDM/operators and Corporate Partners at event.
(3 CDMS & 3 Corporate Partners)

Board Liaison,  Cathy Wheatley, CDM, CFPP
Kelly Vandelune, Mckee Foods Corporation, Chair
Sue Tackaberry, CDM, CFPP
Kayse Grimm, CDM, CFPP
Brenda Seagren, CDM, CFPP
Brit Gala-Ploeckelmann-Direct Supply
Paul Schick- Burldoge
Martha Lara, (Staff)

Provides ANFP leadership with a corporate community perspective on strategic direction for the association. 

Chair, Board Liaison 1st year, Beth Naber, US Foods
Chair Elect, Amy Lewis, Hoffmaster Group, Inc.
Immediate Past Chair, Board Liaison 2nd year, Teri Kopp, Hubert Company
Joe Alexander, Reinhart FoodService
Donna Smith Becker, Dole Food Company
Cindy Cysewski, MS, RD, LDN Lyons Magnus
Diane Duncan, Butter Buds Foodservice
Dana Fillimore, RD, Gordon Food Service
Victoria Gardner, Sysco Corporation
Carl Mulder, Aladdin Temp-Rite
Mike O’Mera, Rd, Wells Dairy/Blue Bunny
Tim Sullivan, Cambro Manufacturing
Yvette Szeleczky, Diamond Crystal Brands/ Hormel Health Labs
Marla Isaacs, CAE (Staff)

- Exists to provide consistent mentoring, leadership training and guidance to chapters and volunteers. 

Board Liaison –Sharon Vermeer, CDM, CFPP
Sam Anderson, CDM, CFPP
Ken Hanson, CDM, CFPP
Kristi Salisbury, CDM, CFPP, RD
Anne Dean, CDM, CFPP
Debbie McDonald, CDM, CFPP
Michael Roddey, MSEd, CDM, CFPP, CEC
Kate Dockins (Staff)

Responsible for ensuring the long-term success of the association through a continuous succession of volunteer leaders. Responsibilities include:

  1. ongoing and continuous focus on identifying, recruiting and equipping future board and committee leaders, including the definition of skills and attributes required in national volunteers, within and beyond the membership
  2. providing input and content for board orientation, training, assessment/evaluation tools and succession planning
  3. formulating the ballot for the national election of officers and contacting candidates
  4. oversee the association awards process (including criteria review, nomination process, and award selection of all association national awards) and make recommendations for industry recognition of members

Board Liaison – Richard Hoelzel, CDM, CFPP - first year Director at Large, CDM
Chair – Ginger Cater, CDM, CFPP - Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors
Kathy Massey, CDM, CFPP - Chair-elect
Deb Dawson, CDM, CFPP - A previous CBDM Chair
Tamara Rutten, CDM, CFPP 2013 Chapter Diamond Award
Teri Kopp - Senior supplier member of the Board of Directors
Kate Dockins (Staff)

The Legislative Committee is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive and effective government affairs strategies for ANFP at both the federal and state levels.

Board Liaison, Terri Edens, CDM, CFPP
Chair , Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP, RAC-CT
Cindy Cothern CDM, CFPP            
Yvonne Foyt, CDM, CFPP
Joe Filipkowski, CDM, CFPP
Jeremy Manners, CDM, CFPP
Barrett Broussard, CDM, CFPP
Sue Rinkenberger, CDM, CFPP
Randall Menard, CDM, CFPP
Thomas Schoenwald, CDM, CFPP
Katherine Church, RD (Staff)

Responsible for implementation and for maintaining a sound financial condition protecting the association’s financial interest.  Oversees the financial, auditing and investment activities of the Association.

Board Liaison, Michael Roddey, MS Ed, CDM, CFPP, CEC, CCE, FMP           
Janice Hemel, CDM, CFPP- National Sec/Treasurer
Paula Bradley, CDM, CFPP, - National Chair
Kathryn Massey, CDM, CFPP, BA- National Chair Elect
Jeff Patton, Brookdale Senior Living , Inc.
Debbie McDonald, CDM, CFPP
Steve Scott, Advisor
Jennifer Karson, CAE (Staff)

To construct the credentialing exam each year, in accordance with the exam blueprint, in order to ensure consistent and accurate content.

Terri Edens, CDM, CFPP
Deborah McDonald, CDM, CFPP
Jolene Campbell, RD, LDN, MED
Karen Werner, CDM, CFPP
Kristi Salisbury, RD, CDM, CFPP
Barbara L. Thomsen, CDM, CFPP
Katherine Church, RD, Executive Director, CBDM
Susan Davis Allen, MS, RD, Special Advisor to the CBDM

Reviews and approves new applications and 5-year renewals for the Dietary Manager Training (DMT) Programs using the ANFP Requirements as the basis for the review and approval process. 

Linda Boire, MS, CDN, RD
Melissa Davis, CDM, CFPP
Jacques Labossiere, CDM, CFPP
Tammy McAllister, CDM, CFPP
Mary Miller, CDM, CFPP
Cathy Oberbeck, CDM, CFPP
Tim Roberts, PhD, RD, LD
Joanne Seid, RD, CDN
Lisa Stewart, CDM, CFPP
Rachel Hughes
Cynthia Galvez
Dana Rudisill
Deborah Kemokai-Wright, RD, LD
Lynn Hardy, CDM, CFPP
Michelle Kerr, CDM, CFPP
Pam J. Himrod, RD, CDM, CFPP (Staff)

- Provides industry trends and design suggestions for the magazine

Board Liaison,Kevin Loughran
Dick Hynes, Hobart
Lynne Eddy, MS,RD, FADA, CDN, LDN, CHE, The Culinary Institute of America
Ruby Puckett, MA, FCSI
Marty Rothschild, Aladdin
Bob Sala, Distribution Market Advantage
Renee Zonka, CEC, RD, MBA, CHE, Kendall College
Diane Everett (Staff)

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing a three year strategic plan for educational products, services and direction for the organization, designed to help ANFP achieve its mission of positioning the CDM, CFPP as the expert in foodservice management and food safety.

Board Liaison, Sherri Williams, CDM, CFPP
Chair, Becky Rude, RD, CDM, CFPP – University of North Dakota
Carie Ann Williams, CDM, CFPP
Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP
Kristi Salisbury, RD, CDM, CFPP
Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP, RAC-CT
John Hickson, CCA, CEC, FMP, CDM, CFPP
Greg Gorgone, CDM, CFPP
Catherine Cape
Katherine Church, RD (Staff)

Marlene Adelmeyer, CDM, CFPP
Doug Blatt, CDM, CFPP
Brandon Boatman, CDM, CFPP
Paula Bradley, CDM, CFPP
Lynette Borth, RD
Sean Carey, CDM, CFPP
Ginger Cater, CDM, CFPP
Evelyn Conner, CDM, CFPP
Terri Edens, CDM, CFPP
Ken Hanson, CDM, CFPP
Tina Harris, RD, LD, CDM, CFPP
Lisa Koehring, MS, RD, SNS, CDM, CFPP
Kim Minerley, CDM, CFPP
Jeremy Manners, CDM, CFPP
Mark Penno, CDM, CFPP
Michael Roddey, CDM, CFPP
Brenda Brooks Rubash, RD
Karen Lynn Santos, RD
Linda Shear, RD
Roger Spieker, CDM, CFPP
James Thoma, CDM, CFPP
Sharon Vermeer, CDM, CFPP
Jolene Weikel, CDM, CFPP
Karen Werner, CDM, CFPP
CarieAnn Williams, CDM, CFPP
Mary Louise Zernicke, MPH, MS, RD, CSG
Julie Zikmund, MPH, RD, LD
Becky Rude, RD, CDM, CFPP
Susan Davis Allen, MS, RD
Katherine Church, RD (Staff)

For more information, please contact Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals by telephone at 800.323.1908 or 630.587.6336, or by e-mail at: