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Magazine Index & Archive

One source of valuable information on food service and managerial topics is articles from past issues of Dietary Manager magazine. Following is an index — by subject — of articles which appeared in the magazine in recent years. Just click on a year to view articles from that year. Click on the article title to download a PDF of the article. Also available from ANFP Headquarters are article indexes from prior to 2004.


"New Logo and Brand Identity," (PDF), November/December 2011, page 3.

"Celebrate the Holidays with a Scandinavian Cookie Smorgasbord," (PDF), November/December 2011, page 4.

"Grateful for Ginger," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, November/December 2011, page 8.

"Social Media: New Tools for Networking," (PDF) by Gregory C. Winters, BA, MPH, CDM, CFPP, November/December 2011, page 15.

"Bringing the Foodservice Supply Chain into the 21st Century," (PDF) by Amelia Levin, November/December 2011, page 18.

"From Field to Plate," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, November/December 2011, page 24.

"Foodservice Software Buyers Guide," (PDF) November/December 2011, page 28.

"Auburn and UND Award Student Scholarships," (PDF) November/December 2011, page 29.

"Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes: Bountiful & Vibrant," (PDF) November/December 2011, page 35.

"Meet A Member: Cornbread and Solitaire - Meet Frances Brown, CDM, CFPP," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, November/December 2011, page 40.


"Rooting for Parsnips," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, October 2011, page 4.

"One Chef and One Pumpkin Create One Great Meal," (PDF) by Kristina Vanni, October 2011, page 6.

"Shoring Up to Hurricane Irene," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, October 2011, page 13.

"Daniel Food Service: Enriching Young Lives," (PDF) by Randy Carter, CDM, CFPP, October 2011, page 20.

"Group Purchasing Organizations," (PDF) by Timothy L. Bauman, CDM, CFPP, DHCFA, October 2011, page 24.

"Job Description for CDMs," (PDF) October 2011, page 29.

"Resident Choice," (PDF) by Grace Heaton, RD, October 2011, page 31.

"Industry News," (PDF) October 2011, page 37.

"Post-Retirement Reinvention Scores BIG for this Unconventional Dietary Manager," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, October 2011, page 39.


"CMS Issues Updates to the MDS 3.0 Manual," (PDF) by Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP, RAC-CT, July/August 2011, page 9.

"Lemon Zest," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, July/August 2011, page 10.

"Introducing MyPlate," (PDF) by Linda S. Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA, July/August 2011, page 18.

"Making Your Kitchen Gluten Free," (PDF) by Debbie Zwiefelhofer, RD, LD, July/August 2011, page 22.

"Berghoff Family Understands Challenge of Celiac Disease," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, July/August 2011, page 26.


"Three Herbs to Make Your Summer Sizzle," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, June 2011, page 6.

"Ten Easy Principles for Team Success," (PDF) by Linda S. Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA, June 2011, page 16.

"Changing Culture in Your Facility," (PDF) by Wayne Toczek, June 2011, page 26.

"Meet a Member - Yolanda Green," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, June 2011, page 39.


"Giving Hospital Food a Chance," (PDF) by Teresa G. Braden, CDM, CFPP, May 2011, page 14.

"How to Prepare and Serve Halal Meals for Muslim Clients," (PDF) by Debbie Zwiefelhofer, RD, LD, May 2011, page 23.

"DMA Government Affairs Update," (PDF) by Craig Brightup, May 2011, page 36.

"Get to Know Your DMA Board - Lori Neff," (PDF), May 2011, page 38.

"Meet a Member - Evelyn Conner," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, Staff Writer, May 2011, page 40.


"The Role of the Certified Dietary Manager in Person-Directed Dining," (PDF) April 2011, page 13.

"Motivating Staff to Keep Food Safe," (PDF) by Janell Meyer, MBA, April 2011, page 30.

"Meet a Member - Carol Rawlinson," (PDF) by Kim Ellison, DMA Staff, April 2011, page 39.


"2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Released," (PDF) by Linda S. Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA, March 2011, page 15.

"Managers and Staff Working Together," (PDF) by Linda Woltman, CDM, CFPP, March 2011, page 28.

"Meet a Member - Ignite a Burning Passion for Life," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, March 2011, page 39.


"Managing Labor Hours," (PDF) by Denis O'Connor, CDM, CFPP, February 2011, page 15.

"Using Process Improvement Tools in a Hospital Kitchen," (PDF) by Virginia Houck, MBA, February 2011, page 20.

"Meet a Member - Enabled to Give," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, staff writer, February 2011, page 39.


"2010 - A Memorable Milestone in DMA History," (PDF) by Diane Everett, January 2011, page 5.

"Coaching - How to Do More with Less, (part two of a two-part article)," (PDF) by Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RD, CSP, January 2011, page 23.

"2010 Article Index," (PDF) January 2011, page 31.

"DMA Member Brings Love of Music and Food to the Airwaves," (PDF) by Kim Ellison, January 2011, page 39.


"Coaching - How to do More with Less," (PDF) by Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RD, CSP, Nov/Dec 2010, page 13. Coaching team members is different than managing them. Coaching involves motivating and educating your staff. Here's how.

"Coffee: Brewing Up Satisfaction," (PDF) by Timothy Baumann, DHCFA, CDM, CFPP, Nov/Dec 2010, page 20. A CDM shares his experience opening a coffee shop for hospital patrons and employees..

"'Using a Production System to Control Costs and Improve Quality," (PDF) by Wayne Toczek, Nov/Dec 2010, page 33. Developing an effective production system is a worthwhile time investment that will pay big dividends in terms of productivity and cost savings. Components of an effective system are outlined here.


"Ethics in the Nutrition Services Department," (PDF) by Becky Rude, October 2010, page 13. Workplace decisions may have legal implications or moral ramifications. Following the CDM Code of Ethics helps individuals maintain the integrity of the professional credential, and approach decision-making in an ethical way.

"Healthy Food Choices," (PDF) by Nancy Ferriss, October 2010, page 23. Making healthy food choices may be difficult for some clients and might require a lifestyle change. Introduce wholesome and delicious food choices one step at a time, and consider smoothies in your menu mix.

"'Thinking' Meal Delivery Systems," (PDF) by Jacqui Gustafson, RD, October 2010, page 28. Meal delivery systems aren't what they used to be! New technologies offer clients better food temperature and more attractive tray presentations.

"It's Easy Being Green," (PDF) by Terry Bernardy, CDM, CFPP, October 2010, page 31. Taking being green seriously in the state of Minnesota.


"Salmonella Outbreak Triggers Massive Egg Recall," (PDF) by Diane Everett, September 2010, page 3. By now you've heard about the widespread egg recall. How did it happen? What can you do to protect your client population? Here are some answers and resources.

"Empowering the Team Through Inservice Training," (PDF) by Debbie Rayhab, MBA, September 2010, page 13. Employee training should be a frequent occurrence in your department. Education strategies and resources are provided here.

"A Life Worth Living," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, September 2010, page 21. Sean Stephenson is a three foot giant. He has not let a rare medical condition hold him back from achieving his goals and inspiring others.

"Spaniards Celebrate Historic Win During DMA's 50th Annual Meeting," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, September 2010, page 29.


"Changing Culture, Changing Lives," (PDF) by Shellee Rolloff, CFSP, July 2010, page 20. Enhancing the dining experience is key for not only satisfying clients, but also for meeting regulatory requirements.

"Celebrate Your Way to a World-Class Team," (PDF) by Jeff Joiner, July 2010, page 24. Celebrations shouldn't be reserved only for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrations in the workplace should take place frequently. Presented here are some reasons to celebrate.

"Trends: Driving the Need for Change in Foodservice Equipment," (PDF) by Diane K. Schweitzer, PhD, CFSP, CSRM, July 2010, page 28. Equipment represents a significant capital expenditure in any foodservice budget, so it's important to know what new energy and labor-saving equipment is out there, and the pros and cons of replacing vs. repairing.

"Feeding the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Those Touched by Cancer," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, July 2010, page 34. A cancer diagnosis is not only frightening, it requires lots of decision-making. The LivingWell Cancer Resource Center provides programs for people touched by cancer, including a Culinary Comforts program designed to help patients develop an optimal lifestyle.


"Your Role in Ensuring Culture Change in Dining and Regulatory Compliance," (PDF) by Linda Handy, MS, RD, June 2010, page 14. CDMs need to use their management skills to bring person-centered dining to their facilities. The federal government is mandating resident-driven dining, and residents themselves are also demanding the power of choice at the dinner table.

"Food Service Kitchen Safety: A Model for Reducing Injuries," (PDF) by Diane K. Schweitzer, PhD, CFSP, CSRM, June 2010, page 20. Burns. Cuts. Slips and falls. These types of injuries can be all too common in a foodservice operation. Implementing a safety system can go a long way towards reducing employee injuries in the kitchen.

"Embracing the Possibilities," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, Staff Writer, June 2010, page 28. Stedman Graham will present the opening keynote address at DMA's 50th Annual Meeting in Chicago next month. He provides a preview of his nine-step plan for leadership success in this article.


"A New Twist on Room Service," (PDF) by Michael Scarione, MBA, CDM, CFPP, May 2010, page 22. If your facility is looking for a way to provide room service without the high cost, read how one health and rehab center successfully made it happen by bringing kitchen staff together to brainstorm ideas and develop menus.

"The Diamond Approach to Quality Improvement in Food Service," (PDF) by Linda S. Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA, May 2010, page 25. Achieving quality in your foodservice operation requires strategy and vigilance. Using the Diamond Quality Improvement model will help dietary managers prioritize and make sound decisions regarding quality initiatives.

"National Dysphagia Diet In-Service," (PDF) by Jennifer R. Grier, CDM, CFPP, May 2010, page 28. No time to plan a new in-service for your staff? Help is here. A ready-made in-service focusing on the National Dysphagia Diet is provided.


"Meal Suggestions for Special Dietary Needs," (PDF) by Anne T. Thacker, MS, RD, LD, April 2010, page 17. For people with special dietary needs, meals and snacks may present a challenge. This article contains ideas - and recipes - for those who face dietary challenges due to illness or allergies.

"Social Media, Social Change," (PDF) by Timothy L. Bauman, DHCFA, CDM, CFPP, April 2010, page 20. Making connections with others is a basic human need. Today's varied social networking tools make connecting with peers from across the globe easy, and allow you to choose a format that best meets your needs.

"How to Prepare for (and Live Through) a Survey," (PDF) by Sharon Vermeer, CDM, CFPP, April 2010, page 24. Nerve-racking...that's how most dietary managers would describe the survey process. Preparation is key to a low stress, successful survey.


"Using the 2009 Food Code to Ensure Regulatory Compliance for Food Safety," (PDF) by Linda Handy, MS, RD, March 2010, page 19. In January, I attempted to cover the 2009 Food Code and regulatory compliance in a DMA webinar. Feedback was positive, but I realized I had just touched the tip of the iceberg. Here are key points from the webinar, along with additional helpful information.


"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: What Can We Expect Next in Health Care?," (PDF) by Ruby P. Puckett, MA, FCSI, February 2010, page 13. The person-centered approach to care focuses on the health and well-being of individuals. Various ideas to improve quality of life are outlined, including the Eden Alternative model.

"The Fruit Basket Approach to Evaluating Benchmarking," (PDF) by Wayne Toczek, February 2010, page 17. When should dietary managers use industry benchmarks - and when is it best to set your own standards? Discussion and answers to these questions are provided here.

"Care Planning for Customer Satisfaction," (PDF) by Stephen Meisel, CDM, CFPP, February 2010, page 21. The care planning process can be time consuming and tedious - but it's a critical step in delivering high quality client-focused care.

"Food Goes to the Movies," (PDF) by Laura Vasilion, February 2010, page 23. Here's your ticket to the best movie picks for food lovers.

"Celebrating Foods With the Calendar," (PDF) by Linda Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA, February 2010, page 26. Theme days and monotony breakers add variety and fun to your menu without breaking the bank. The final installment in this three-part article provides creative menu ideas to implement from March through June.


"Making the Modern Menu Masterpiece," (PDF) by Timothy L. Bauman, DHCFA, CDM, CFPP, January 2010, page 14. Ingredient availability, science, and the Internet have changed the foodservice industry profoundly in recent years. Here’s a look at what “culinology” means to dietary managers.

"History in the Making: DMA Celebrates 50 Years," (PDF) by Diane Everett, January 2010, page 17. In 2010, DMA marks 50 years of service to the industry! A lot has changed in half a century, and we chronicle much of it in this feature.

"Steps to a Healthy Facility," (PDF) by Jennifer Grier, CDM, CFPP, January 2010, page 29. Improved cafeteria menus mean better health for our co-workers. Ideas for making cafeteria meals healthier are provided here.